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So how did Send2China come to be?

JRD Innovations Ltd (known as Send2China) was founded in 2013, initially providing an innovative IT solution to shipping from the UK to China. Over the years, we have grown into a comprehensive logistics and cross border service company. Now we have established presence in four countries with the mission to overcome the hurdles in the whole cross-border supply chain and empower UK merchants to sell and ship directly to Chinese consumers.

 Send2China strongly believes that technological innovation means so much to the cross-border logistics, which will help the UK merchants to unleash their potential when it comes to the China eCommerce market. In the very beginning, Send2China established as a parcel shipping company, but now it has stepped ahead in backing UK to China eCommerce logistics

Send2China data points

1 in 5

500 tons

Parcels sent to China mainland from the UK is handled by us
A peak monthly volume of 500 tons, ranking top 1 UK freight forwarder for exporting to Guangzhou, China


We have served more than 70,000 customers in the UK and continental Europe


We established strategic partnership with over 90 major players in the cross-border industry


Presences in 4 countries: UK, Germany, Ireland, China

Our UK Facilities 

shipping to China/send2china

Parcel Fleet

Processing centre (Crawley, UK)

shipping to China/send2china
shipping to China/send2china

Fulfilment Centre

Our Story

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