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Discover why brands worldwide choose Send2China 

"Send2China is a key partner of Danone in the UK with dedicated team in sales, supply chain, fulfilment and shipping of Danone baby milk brands. Our strong collaboration with Send2China enables us to bring our trusted market leading baby milk brands to consumers in China."

Nathan Kulik| Head of International Brands

at Danone 

"On behalf of Vestiaire Collective, I want to thank our UK fulfillment partner Send2China, for their great work in our brand new UK authentication centre. This wouldn’t be possible without their huge contribution."

Pépinot JIN | Operations Development & Procurement Manager at Vestiaire Collective


Through Send2china highly-customized shipping solution, Rapport London’s WeChat Mini Program has been providing both B2C Ecommerce shipping and C2C personal effects shipping to consumers in China.

This allows Rapport London to provide a premium cross-border shopping experience to their fans, increasing the probability of repeat purchases and brand loyalty.


Send2china seamlessly integrated its shipping management system(SMS) with Palace Skateboards WeChat Mini Program store, WMS and Shopify backend to synchronize orders and generate shipping labels automatically.

This provides Palace Skateboards an easy way to manage shipments and inventory checking on their own WMS.


Shrimps had been leveraging their WeChat Mini Programme as their selling platform and primary communication window with Chinese consumers.

Through the integration of Send2china SMS, Shrimps could synchronize orders from their WeChat store and utilize all the features(label printing, shipment management, inventory check, etc.) on Send2china SMS effortlessly.

new-and-lingwood-424x0-c-default (1).png

As a result of Send2china’s successful "triple custom compliance" implementation, through B2C shipping, New and Lingwood’s orders were successfully cleared at China Customs within 24 hours after arrival.


Through the integration of C2C shipping, users on the Mini Program are also able to purchase products above 5000RMB, whilst also track the overseas shipment status and customs clearance process directly from the Mini Program.

WeChat Image_20220112132309.png

Through Send2china all-in-one system solution, Sweet World were able to manage their Ecommerce orders fulfilment, pick and pack, storage and shipping at one go.

Adapting to the sales tonality of Sweet World, a highly customized fulfilment solution has been created and all the parcels have been delivered in perfect condition, with an average transit time 6-7 days.

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