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The WeChat Mini Program: A Breakthrough for E-commerce in China?

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If you’re a UK merchant selling goods to China, you may have to navigate through customs compliance, licensing and other complex regulatory issues.

But what if we told you that you could get a chance to market your products to a substantial market - all with one small but revolutionary solution? This is an eCommerce SaaS solution by WeChat, called WeChat Mini Program. Brands and businesses can leverage the eCommerce capability of the WeChat Mini Programs with low cost and in synergy with the other products provided natively by WeChat: WeChat Official Account, WeChat Live-streaming, WeChat Channels, etc… in order to integrate each step of the marketing funnel.

WeChat - China’s largest social media platform - launched a mini program in 2017 and since then, it has been taking the world by storm. This program is the most practical solution to enter China’s market with lost cost and without having to deal with the hassle of complex regulatory issues.

What Exactly is the WeChat Mini Program?

ecommerce shipping china, shipping to china, send2china, sell to china, wechat mini program

It is a built-in online e-commerce technology store and is actually the largest application in the world. WeChat receives an insane amount of traffic daily, making it the ideal medium for UK merchants to sell to their Chinese customers.

With this program, the merchants can easily sell their goods in China and directly manage payments in-app without having to register their company or applying for licensing or registration.

But Why the WeChat Mini Program, Specifically?

ecommerce shipping china, shipping to china, send2china, sell to china, wechat mini program

You must be wondering, why go for the WeChat mini program rather than Tmall, Kaola, Taobao, etc?

The reason is simple - it is cost-effective and doesn’t require large sums of investment unlike other e-commerce solutions.

The WeChat Mini Program basically offers an incredible breakthrough for the UK merchants.

Here is a list of some solid reasons why the WeChat Mini Program trumps all the other e-commerce trade solutions:

  • It taps into a larger market demographic

  • You don’t have to give up your profit margin

  • No rigid rules, penalties or rankings to uphold

  • Lower investment costs

  • Easy-to-use interface with no navigation issues

  • Seamless control over data with private domain traffic management

  • Access to consumer data that helps create actionable insights

In fact, the latest research states that WeChat took the lead with 250 billion in e-commerce sales in 2021. All this has led to luxury companies like Swarovski, Long champ and Burberry jumping onto the bandwagon and indulging in heavy-duty marketing on the mini program - yes, it's that good!

Here’s the final verdict: with over 1.2 billion active users (yup, you read that right), WeChat offers the potential for your brand to reach a huge audience. At the same time, you can even use WeChat as an efficient CRM tool and a means to collect customer behavioural data, which is crucial to create effective marketing and branding strategies.

If you ask us, WeChat is not really a choice. Rather, it is a necessity if you want to experience any growth in China.

How does Send2China Fit into the Equation?

ecommerce shipping china, shipping to china, send2china, sell to china, wechat mini program

Now that it is established how great the WeChat Mini Program is, let’s talk about how we make your lives even simpler.

Our potential clients come to us for a hassle-free e-commerce shipping solution to China, which is something that many companies today can't offer.

Well, Send2China hears your concerns. We have developed a unique plugin for the WeChat Mini Program, which skips the cumbersome integration process and eliminates the extra cost for UK merchants, offering a seamless yet affordable shipping solution to enter China’s e-commerce market.

Partnering with Send2China can land you some even more amazing perks:

  • Super easy integration with your desired e-commerce store

  • Seamless + speedy parcel pick-up service at your request

  • Duty taxes are prepaid so the parcel arrives undisturbed to your customer

  • Easy tracking of the entire shipping process

  • Exclusive customer service support post-delivery

  • No delays, hidden costs or unexpected hold-ups

  • Automatic generation of shipping labels in the system after order placement

  • Fast shipping service with a quick turn-around of 7 days

  • Lower duty tax (9.1%) of most goods than conventional shipping method

If you are looking for a localised, responsive and reliable e-commerce shipping service that works with you to grow your business, Send2China is your best bet.

To sell on the WeChat Mini Program, all you need to do is use your WeChat account to set up your very own store and use our speedy ecommerce shipping solution to send your goods - no programming needed whatsoever.

Once the seller launches their store on the WeChat Mini Program, they can leverage Send2China’s UK-China shipping service directly + automatically - making the whole process incredibly lean.

We understand that every business is different in nature, which is why our solutions are made especially for you, keeping in mind your needs and requirements. So yes, cross-border shipping is challenging but with Send2China as your partner, the challenges are all taken care of! We help you fast track your way to success.

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