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Postal Service

The parcels will be processed by the postal carrier (Parcelforce or Belgium Post). Unlike other methods, the declaration is reasonably relaxed by only providing item name, unit weight, unit price and quantity. By definition, the total value of the parcel content shall be less than 1000RMB unless it contains only single item which cannot be divided (e.g. a handbag or a pair of shoes). By using this method, personal postal articles tax will be applied (please refer to Personal Postal Articles Tax), but the tax will be waived off at a tax value below 50RMB. This method can offer less rigorous declaration and clearance due to the nature of postal service.

Send2China offers highly discounted rate as we have strong bargain power with postal carriers, and we will handle all the customer service activities on behalf of the merchants to take the hassle away from them.

​​Personal Postal Articles Tax

Tax Band

Goods Category



Books, publications, educational video materials; computers and peripherals; computer, video camcorders, digital cameras and other information technology products; food, beverages; gold and silver; furniture; toys, games, festivals or other entertainment products



Textiles and their finished products; leather garments and accessories; bags and shoes; watches and accessories; diamonds and diamond jewellery; some cosmetics, toiletries; household medical, health and beauty equipment; kitchen appliances and small appliances; Refrigerators, laundry equipment, televisions, photography equipment and recording equipment and accessories; stationery; stamps, art, collectibles; musical instruments; sporting goods (excluding golf balls and golf equipment), fishing supplies; bicycles; Other products not included in 1, 3



Cigarette, wine; precious jewellery and jewellery; some cosmetics, toiletries; golf and golf equipment; high-end watches


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